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Why Vi Shakes Work

Today we are going to cover why Visalus shakes work so well.  One of the biggest questions I get ALL of the time is ‘With all of the fast weight loss shakes and muscle building shakes out there, what makes your shakes special?  Why are they better?’

At the Visalus national event in LA in March they had a special panel with all of the lead scientists behind the Visalus products.  While I have heard all of the science before, being able to explain it to people in a way that they understand was practically impossible.

Now I don’t have to!  This video puts it all into terms anyone can understand and relate to.

Able to Build Muscle?  Check.  Able to Lose Weight?  Check.  Able to Feel Better?  Check.  Able to Improve Nutrition?  Check.  

How about this one?
Able to get it for free?  CHECK!  (fill out form to find out how!)


Join Me and Body By Vi in Reaching Out to Tornado Victims

You couldn’t turn on the TV, Radio, or Computer without hearing about the horrible destruction that occurred on Monday across the midwest.  Tornadoes TWO MILES wide destroying everything in their path – people everywhere reached out in prayer for the safety of all those in harms way.



Vi and the Body By Vi Challenge are reaching out big time to those victims by donating 30,000 shake meals and cookies to people that have lost their homes.  In addition, their philanthropic division, vicares.org, will be coordinating efforts with several local ambassadors to help in other ways on the local level.

Vi also has The Body by Vi™ Community Challenge which donates nutritional meals to disadvantaged children and families year-round. ViSalus™ matches these meals one-for-one, doubling the impact of every donation. To date, the ViSalus Community has served well over 1 million ViSalus Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shakes. From food banks and after-school programs to natural disaster relief efforts, the ViSalus community shows that generosity knows no limits.  Starting today all donations made via my web portal here will go directly to the victims in Oklahoma and Texas.  I have already made my donation – join me and then spread the word on how others can directly help those in need.

Just another reason I love this company!  Doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason.





Trust Me, I’m a Doctor

Well, I’m not, but the people in the stories below are.  Everyone has an opinion on what works and what doesn’t. Well, unlike Senators making laws for everyone BUT themselves, here are the tales of 4 doctors that ARE The Challenge. What better people to listen to than experts that are also products of the product?

Reese and Bell

Drs Celeste Reese and Jamie Bell

Dr Celeste Reese
A board certified family physician in Alabama, Dr Reese started her 90-day challenge to lose 20 lbs. She fell in love with the system – and now, after seeing 50-60 patients every day she spends time after work spreading the word about The Body By Vi Challenge to others. She loves seeing such a great program out there for diabetics and patients with high blood pressure-groups traditionally limited in healthy eating options.

Dr Jamie Bell
First introduced to the Challenge by her friend Dr Celeste Reese, Dr Bell started her Challenge with a goal of improving her distance running. The significance is that she had recently been diagnosed with a type of MS and was told she would have to give up running. The nutrition and energy provided by the products along with a regimented workout schedule allowed her to crush her challenge by not only running a 5k but coming in 3rd place! Now her passion is giving people struggling for answers options they didn’t know they had.

Kid Obesity
Drs Dustin and Michelle Craft
This couple from Denver, CO have been extremely vocal locally and on Facebook trying to educate people about the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. Identifying early the great option the Vi shakes are for people’s nutrition and The Challenge is as a force of change, this couple continues to lead by example by embracing The Challenge. They also formed a group on Facebook – Doctors Ending Obesity – as a tool for health professionals to unite against the #1 epidemic we face.
Dr Ted Barnes
In the Jacksonville, FL community Dr Barnes has touched thousands of lives as Challenge party after Challenge party have been hosted at his house. His belief in the health and prosperity benefits behind the Body By Vi 90-day Challenge resonated with his son Deryck who has gone out and started so many people on their path to well-being that he was able to retire in his 20s after just 1 year sharing The Challenge and says “when all you have is a job, you don’t have time and time is what’s important”.

Four doctors with four different stories on getting started but with a common theme on sharing it with others. It works well, it works for anybody, and it works for any body. I even have a cousin-in-law that is a doctor, uses it, and loves it.

Are you ready to take the lead from the experts? Start YOUR Challenge today!  Interested in joining the hottest team in North America spreading the challenge, Team Rising Stars?  Check out the page on Promoting The Challenge and help join the fight to end obesity!

You can also get more information and see testimonials here or you can go to my other website here for some videos about how The Challenge works.

Seven Reasons for the Failure to Reduce Weight

As I was surfing the web this evening I stumbled across this article  indicating 7 core mistakes people make when beginning the weight loss process and found it to be a pretty good read.

A quick recap:

1) overcutting calories – taking the body too low puts it in starvation mode and slows the metabolism.  frustration with insufficient loss sends the person back to their old habits, only this time with an even slower metabolism.  so when the pounds come back, they bring friends.  NO BUENO!

2) lack of exercise – physical exercise helps take the edge off those bad eating days and helps develop that lean muscle which keeps the metabolism furnace going.  all too often people think they need to start out with some big workout plan, getting just 5-10 minutes in each day can be a great start though.

3) don’t eat breakfast – I would estimate that 15% of my customers on Visalus are using it as a quick and easy way to squeeze in those problem meals they always seem to skip, usually breakfast.  breakfast gets your metabolism kick started for the day, a good dose of protein early does wonders.

4) don’t drink enough water – already covered the other day in this article, water is the cheapest way to help out your weight loss and fitness transformation.  generally more is better.

5) improper goal setting – the author of the article actually had this labeled as unrealistic goals but that’s not entirely accurate, the problem really lies with not knowing how to accurately set goals.  big goals are great, you have to dream big to achieve big, but your goals need to align with the actions you are willing to take to achieve them.  a great example – when people want to lose 50+ pounds on their first 90-day challenge they need to be willing to do some exercise, start implementing some basic healthier habits, and use the transformation kit.  if they don’t want to make the monetary sacrifice and only want to use the shape kit, they need to align their goals accordingly.

6) measuring body weight per day – staring at the scale is a big problem for a lot of people.  the Body By Vi 90-Day Challenge is centered around establishing long term success through better habits, having daily fluctuations dictate your behavior contradicts that.

7) avoiding dairy products – good calcium has been shown to be very helpful to the weight loss and fitness process.  people often cut back on these foods because they often are high in calories, fat and sugar.  selecting the right products to go with your meals can be extremely helpful.  and if you are on The Challenge – well you are probably getting PLENTY of calcium.

These are some of the core mistakes that people have made on past weight loss programs and many of them are behaviors I warn people against.  The good news is that the Body By Vi 90-Day Challenge actively sidesteps many of these issues.  Proper goal setting, consistent meals, dairy, calorie support and other nutritional advice, and exercise plans are all part of the program as a whole.

Check out this site for more information on how The Body By Vi 90-Day Challenge works and get started on your Challenge today!

Why Dr Oz Thinks I’m Right About Visalus

“Make it fun”

shake cup

This is the most important point I stress to people as they begin their journey with Visalus.  The reason is simple, if you enjoy doing something you are much more likely to do it when you aren’t ‘feeling it’.  The mentality behind changing your lifestyle habits is a big part of being successful, going in with a negative perspective – “I can’t have this.  I can’t do that” compared to a positive perspective – “I get to have this, I get to do that” seems like splitting hairs sometimes but it can make all the difference between success and failure.

If you are anything like me, you LOVE food.  You didn’t get overweight binge eating celery and brusselsprouts.  Fettucine Alfredo, Sweet Tea, Macaroni and Cheese, BBQ, and of course, Birthday Cake are just a few foods that I absolutely love and greatly attributed to my 290lb frame I was carrying around last year.  Here is the cool thing though – I still eat every food I love, only now I am 85lbs lighter.  ”HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!”  The trick is not having them all day every day like I was before.  Now I have them only when I really want them.  In between are lots of Visalus shakes and other healthier foods and *gasp* a little exercise.

Even Dr Oz thinks this approach to improving health and fitness is more likely to lead to better long term results.  He states on his blog that there is a scientific reason for following a weight-loss program that doesn’t involve wholesale deprivation.  He explains that people who restrict too much by giving up all or most of a food category for even as little as THREE days will get an irresistible yearning for the things they aren’t ‘allowed’ to have.  In fact, prominent researchers claim that just KNOWING you are about to start a diet can set off eating binges prior to starting.  Dr Oz refers to it as ‘the biology of blubber’.

In June of 2012 I was almost 290 lbs.  Today I am 206.  I drink more water now than ever.  I exercise more now than any other time since I left UF.  I eat healthier foods now more than ever.  I make more conscious decisions now related to my health.  But none of this was on my mind at the time I started.  All I thought about back in June was that I needed to focus on making sure I had my 2 shakes each day and that I needed to have fun doing it.

People are shocked that I can have so much fun ‘dieting’.  They think they’ve ‘busted me’ when I am having dessert, or eating pasta, or drinking a beer, or …. the list goes on.  I don’t consider it dieting, because dieting has the social implication of doing something you don’t like for a short period of time to achieve a certain goal.  I consider it living.  I LOVE the shakes because they are easy, healthy, and I can make them fun.  Almost every day for the past month I have had either a cookies and cream milkshake, a rolos and coconut (ROLONUT!) milkshake, or a peanut butter cup milkshake for breakfast and lunch.  Yeah, this ‘dieting’ thing, it’s not too shabby.

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