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Often Imitated – Never Duplicated – Risk Free Weight Loss

They say that mimicry is the greatest form of flattery.  Well if that is the case then everyone at Vi should be feeling overwhelmingly flattered these days.  It seems every gym around now has their own 90-Day Challenge program.  Jenny Craig has a money back guarantee now, though only on their weekly check-in fees – you are still stuck with the food bill.  Nutrisystem will refund your money for the program AND the meals – at the 14-day mark.  How you figure out if a program is working in 2 weeks is beyond me.  Weight Watchers has no guarantee at all though they are quite proud of their new mobile support, something users of the Body By Vi Challenge have had for quite some time.

often imitated

Want to know how much the team behind the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge believe in their program?  How about an industry leading, 90-Day Money Back Results Guarantee!  And of the close to 100 customers I have helped with the challenge – not a SINGLE ONE has ever taken advantage of it.  In fact, one of my customers refused to take advantage of the guarantee even when I reminded her of it, told her it was a no hassle process, and even offered to call the company myself.  She had a very rare disease and after 2 months found out that the shakes would never work for her but loved the shakes so much while she was doing them that she wanted to pay for them.



Of course it makes sense that all of these companies are copying the path the Body By Vi Challenge has forged.  Last year Visalus, the company behind the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge, finished as the second largest weight loss company in North America and was closing ground fast on the first.  In fact in 2013 they became the first network marketing company EVER to eclipes $1 Billion in total sales without international expansion.

Find out more about the Body By Vi 90-day Challenge and see how these high-nutrition, easy to make shakes function as fast weight loss shakes for those looking to shed some pounds or protein recovery shakes for those looking to add lean muscle.

If you know which kit fits your goals the best then get started today!  If you have any questions or are ready to get started and would like some input on which program kit will work best for your situation just fill out the contact form below.